Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Monday and My Birthday

So, normally Monday's would suck big time. However I am coming down from an awesome weekend where I met some pretty cool people, got completely drunk a couple times, shopped til I dropped, and walked all over Chicago......with one small cause of sickness....and it's My Birthday!

We had a Long long long long long long long train ride home yesterday, then a 45 min drive home! But we made it....Cole was asleep when I got here...Adam was awake but not nearly as excited as I had hopped. They both loved their gifts and Adam complained that is all he got....ungrateful! LOL Christmas will be fun!

I got some awesome birthday presents and my parents took us to eat at Red Lobster which was ymmy. Now, I am curled up watching the Bears Game and relaxing....I am looking forward to some relaxing time....but my next 5k is apparently on Oct. 27th that my aunt has talked me into! Back to training I wish I had worked out now in Chicago! LOL

Hope that everyone had an awesome fun weekend! I had some fun times ya'll.


  1. I enjoyed meeting you and I think you are a very down to earth girl.

    You caught my eye with your very age appropriate dress and looked wonderful in it.


  2. Happy Birthday again! Loved meeting you and rooming with you! You and KK were so warm and such fun! Hope you had a wonderful day!! Xoxo

  3. Happy, happy birthday sweet girly! I hope it was as fabulous as you are! So glad I got to meet you and your mama! Y'all are awesome!

  4. Happy day after your birthday! You totally rock girlie!

  5. So sad we didn't get to spend more time together. But happy late birthday, and I know EXACTLY what you mean about ungrateful sons! LOL My boys were disappointed, they "only" got a cute shirt each and some saltwater taffy. Jerks!