Friday, September 21, 2012

My Friday Ramble

So yes, it's Friday and I am more then motivated to go exercise. I am somewhat sore from Body Pump...but when am I not???? When I walk outside its raining...are you kidding me????? I correction, I loathe running on the track at the gym. It is so boring and the scenery stinks.

I instead have all the candle's in my house light and keep watching for the rain to stop. For those who don't know  I am a candle whore in the same way that I am a horror movie whore! Yes, that time of year is once again upon us and I can't wait to hit the movie theater.

So Adam, my 8 year old decided to bring home his drama club form his aunt says he is a "Drama King" he comes by it naturally....I am a "Drama Queen" of sorts. So he is all ready to be an actor...this is the same kid who got sent to his room last week for talking back and his response you ask, in his most Adam like tone he says "Fantastic.....That is EXACTLY what I wanted to go do!" He has a bright future as an Actor/Scientist/Musician/Artist/Dad....I think that is his list thus far!

Cole hasn't eaten much in three days! I wish I could be like him, live on freezer pops, lays, grapes, apples, water, and the occasional meal from McDonald's and still have rock hard abs! He has turned around in school though I think!

Looking forward to the Bears this weekend! Urlacher is my honey!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You so rock and you are doing fantastic sweet heart!