Friday, September 14, 2012

My Week in Review

So, I have been a major slacker this week in just about everything! But Hey, we all deserve to have that at least every so often right?

Sunday- We started out good, taking my boys on The Rock Island Trail near our home. Cole was already tired when we started and I could have easily done 6 miles or more....Adam wouldn't have been happy but he would have done it. So we went 1 1/2 and then turned around and went back. However, Cole did not like this idea one bit....for those who don't know...Cole is autistic and he will walk FOREVER sometimes. My dad has had to call me to come pick them up because Cole won't turn around and head home! SO.....I carried him for about a 1/4 mile. Cole weighs about 50 lbs....I can't believe that I carried that on my body!

Monday- I spent the day around the house. I actually cooked dinner that night....we had bacon and eggs LOL if that is actually cooking. I had great ideas from pinterest...just no energy to actually do them. Helped the boys with some homework...fought with Adam about reading! DIDN'T GO TO ZUMBA, I am going to hell for sure.

Tuesday- Over slept! Got the boys off to school, got my self ready and headed to get gas and pick-up Subway for me and Adam to take on his field trip to the ZOO. Our Zoo sucks....although we do have 4 new baby Tigers. But the rest is nothing to get excited about. When you are a third grader though it doesn't take much to impress you! I spent the day with was fun! Came home and had to get ready for Back to School Night, I am the PTC Secretary so I had to go. But even if I wasn't I think that this is's a great time to meet the teachers and other parents in the class! We went to Culver's for dinner....Epic fail! But I only had a Tenderloin so it wasn't so bad!

Wednesday- Cleaned most of the day and had to pick the boys up from school so we could make it to their Hair cuts at 4! Cole did his whole hair cut without any electronics! It was amazing and he looks great. If I wasn't going to hell for not going to Zumba on will get me there. Not only did I not go to Zumba AGAIN.....I picked up Chinese and McDonald's of the kids.....nothing more to say.

Thursday- I hardly ate anything....ran some errands with my mom. I actually cooked tacos for dinner and still didn't work out! My first 5k is approaching on Sunday and I am not ready! I will do the best that I can....maybe I will redeem myself from going to hell. It's for Make-A-Wish which is an awesome organization. My Aunt is doing it with me which should be twice as fun! Getting excited about BOOBS!!!!!!!!! Hope you all are too :)

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