Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 Things Thursday

1. On Facebook I keep seeing all kinds of statistics about Autism. Statistics are basically a crock pile of horse manure. Especially when people just throw numbers out and give you no information. So 1 in 88 kids are diagnosed with Autism. No, Autism is not on the rise people....and no these numbers shouldn't scare us! The truth is that we are better at diagnosing Autism then we ever have been. Catching it early is key people!!!!! What should scare us is the lack of accessibility of the therapies to help these kids learn to cope with their sensory needs!

2. Why is it that when you get divorced some Dad's seem to think that they can do LESS??? Why wouldn't you want to call your kids EVERYDAY!!??

4. I love my coffee...but I might have a slight addiction to it. I am now on cup number 4!

5.  My friend is coming down from Chi-town this weekend with her son and we are heading to an awesome haunted house! So excited.

6. Fred water rocks my world!

7. I hate dating!

8. I am so madly in love with my kids it scares me. Except when Adam says "Let me tell you, I am not putting my shirts away." Really little boy? You shouldn't mess with your mother, she can make you miserable! LOL

9. I don't think that me and this running thing are getting along, but I am determined to conquer this damn thing!

10. I am truly thankful for all the wonderful people in my life who support me and help me whenever I need it.       

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

24 years ago.....

This is Adam Harris...yes my Adam is named after him. He was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma. I was a mere 7....such tender ages to experience something so profound. You know that question that you always get asked...."Who is your hero?" Mine was never an athlete, or movie star, or politician. It was Adam. The strength and faith that this little boy taught me has carried me through the years.

I was always annoyed by my little brother just like any other sister. We fought....even after he was diagnosed. I actually looked at him one rainy day while playing in the garage and said "It's ok, cause when you die your trucks will be mine." How awful, I still feel guilty for that to this day. The horrible things we say as children.

Today it has been 24 years since Adam died....I was 8. I remember vividly that day....and night. It forever changed was my loss of innocence which my sister would tell you is where my fear of clowns come from! Yes, I deal with everything with a bit of humor. I was never the invincible teen, I knew what could happen.

Cherish every moment, make sure you do today and say today what you need to. Tomorrow may not come....always kiss your kids goodbye, good night, and just for no reason. God and I struggle back and forth with my anger and my pain, but today will be a good day! Adam my have only lived for four years but the point is he lived. He loved everyone and wanted to save everything. I commend my parents for allowing Adam to be involved in his treatment, I realize as a parent now how difficult it had to be to allow treatment to stop....even if there was very little hope of success. I no longer blame them...they did an amazing job thinking of what was best for Adam as well as me!

I am who I am today....because I knew this amazing little man! All my love is sent to you in heaven today!

Monday, October 15, 2012

An Autism Birthday

Well Cole is now officially six....and as if I didn't have enough going on last week we had to throw in his birthday which is much harder to plan then Adam's. Large groups can make Cole uncomfortable so I always try and do something intimate with close friends and family. Usually this takes place at our home because Cole is most comfortable here. But lets face it I HATE kid's birthday's. Making food, planning, cleaning up, the noise....ALL OF IT! No one told me when I had kids that I had to do birthday parties too!

So this year we thought outside of the box....we made reservations at the Fish Bowl at Bass was a hit! He loved it, I made him eat dinner first and then he threw a fit once the bowling was over. I am a horrible mother, I got no pictures of him bowling, or opening gifts, or interacting with other kids.

His dad and step mom came with his sister which was nice and they actually paid half of the cost. We had an awesome Autism birthday...

I love these pic's. He was so involved with the cake and candles....even if he doesn't eat the cake :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's Shakin??

So I plan and organize the Ice Cream Social for my kids school. Which typically is a blast...but let me tell you what a pain it has been this year!!!! We have a pumpkin auction where we ask the middle and high school students to paint some pumpkins that we can auction. They are usually a big hit....I email those art teachers at the beginning of the school year so that we have plenty of time to organize seeing as October kind of creeps up a little fast.....or as my awesome friend Amy calls it "Rocktober".

Naturally these teachers decided to wait and reply to my many emails and messages on Thursday...did I check my email while in Chicago....of course not....that is crazy! Why on earth would I check my email when I took the trouble to pack my lap top! So I didn't get the email until last night....I ran this morning after the PTC treasure ran a check to my house and I bought 21 pumpkins....I got them delivered and did all my other errands.

I then cam home and cleaned up the house. I guess my birthday and vacation are OVER! Reality has crept back into my life and so has exercises and diet. I am eating better and start running today. My Aunt got me to sign up for another 5k on October 27th. I need to get back into the swing of again as well! I am looking forward to Friday when I head to my fave local bar and have a few drinks with friends. I am excited about the size LARGE...yes you hear correctly.....this fatty squeezed into a size LARGE dress....just you's pretty darn cute! I will post pictures!

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Monday and My Birthday

So, normally Monday's would suck big time. However I am coming down from an awesome weekend where I met some pretty cool people, got completely drunk a couple times, shopped til I dropped, and walked all over Chicago......with one small cause of sickness....and it's My Birthday!

We had a Long long long long long long long train ride home yesterday, then a 45 min drive home! But we made it....Cole was asleep when I got here...Adam was awake but not nearly as excited as I had hopped. They both loved their gifts and Adam complained that is all he got....ungrateful! LOL Christmas will be fun!

I got some awesome birthday presents and my parents took us to eat at Red Lobster which was ymmy. Now, I am curled up watching the Bears Game and relaxing....I am looking forward to some relaxing time....but my next 5k is apparently on Oct. 27th that my aunt has talked me into! Back to training I wish I had worked out now in Chicago! LOL

Hope that everyone had an awesome fun weekend! I had some fun times ya'll.