Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why You Should Track Your Food.....

So there are numerous reasons that we all should track what we eat, weather it be because we want to lose weight, maintain weight, or the few out in the world that exist that want to or may need to gain weight. But lets face it, none of us are friends with people like that.....

So the girl who does my nails went to high school with me and we both go to the same church so I have known her for a long time. I have always been heavy and struggled with my weight. She is tall, thin, blonde and beautiful. Her sister though is heavy, and God Bless Kelly (my nail girl) because she is great support. Every time she see's me she comments on how great I look. So while I was there today, she asked what I was doing to lose the weight which is a common question. She said she had been wanting to ask me but had been nervous about it. I said that I am very open about my weight loss and where I had come from.

So reasons to log our food:

1. Helps reduce mindless eating. How many times have you gone and grabbed the bag of chips curled up on the couch and started watching your t.v. show and thing you know the show is over and so is the bag of chips.....and you have just consumed 1000's of empty calories! Or keep track of how many soda's you drink? When we eat mindlessly we consume twice as many calories.
                Instead we should take a small bowl remove a serving of chips, put the bag back and then eat your chips. Or if you are craving salty, then have some peanuts and then you get some protein too!

2. Helps you know how many calories you have left after each meal.

3. Helps you pin point habits.

4. Gives you confidence that you can do this!

I honestly think that logging my food has been the reason for my weight loss. Keeping a tally in your head or guessing on how much you eat doesn't work.....I have tried it. I know that there are those out there that disagree, or want the easy way out. Losing weight isn't easy and if you are an emotional eater, then you have to deal with the reasons that you do it. I no longer turn to food for comfort. Yes, I eat what I want....but I don't eat a whole bag of chips, or cookies and I don't eat junk food EVERY's a treat once in a while. These foods are still in my house because I do have kids and I don't want to deny them a treat either. So I have learned how to not eat these foods. This works for me, I know it may not be for everyone!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I was like Before....

My start weight was 329 pounds. To say that now seems unbelievable. I was in the store the other day with my mom and as we were walking out there was a large woman checking out and she looked like I use to. I asked my mom, "Was I really that Big?" "Yes, you were." was her answer! I love how she never candy coats anything and gives it to me straight.I ate a lot of fast food, sat on my butt a lot and didn't take care of my self much at all. I didn't fit in movie theater seats, in booths, and felt like a whale at the swimming pool!

This picture was taken at Christmas 2010. It's the best one I could find that shows my start weight. Even though it's not great, but it shows enough. When I look at this, I feel like a slob. I can't believe that I allowed myself to get that big, what was I thinking? I was setting a horrible example for my kids. healthy choices is rubbing off on at least my 8 year old. My autistic child lives on very few foods....and I doubt that will change anytime soon :(

They both are more active with me though and even come running with me some days. Yes you all heard correctly, my fat butt get's out and RUNS.....while it may not be a long's something. I will get there. At 329 pounds walking was difficult for long distances. I now walk 3 miles no problem....walk/run that distance is a challenge and I love a good challenge.

I was thinking of posting a current picture....but seeing as how I will be seeing a lot of you in a month....I thought I might make that a surprise and instead show a picture back in May......
This was the 5k for Race for the Cure and we do it every year. I ran a little bit of it...but mostly walked and wasn't completely exhausted this year like in the years past. I also got an XL shirt which was very exciting for me. It was a little tight in my hips but it fit! I am happier in life and LOVE clothes shopping again....everything seems to fit when I pick it off the rack. I am unhappy that my top half is so much smaller then my bottom. I carry my weight in my butt, stomach, hips, and thighs....I always have. My legs are much better and smaller...just wish they were even smaller and more toned....Body Pump should help with that!!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's The First Week of School

I am sorry that I haven't written in awhile we had an eventful and emotional end to our summer. While most parents are looking forward to school starting, I am one of the rare ones that tends to dread it. I enjoy having my boys home with me and spending time with them. While I want them to both grow up and be smart intelligent men, I also just want to keep them as mommy's boys! :)

School started on Monday and yes it was a FULL day......can you believe this? How dare they make these kids go for a full day on the first day of school, especially the kindergartners. My 5 year old hasn't been gone from me for that long other then the weekends he is at his dad's, but you get my point. So I got up at 5:30 on Monday and showered and got all ready and headed out to the kitchen where I prepared amazing food for my two little monsters.....
Yummy pancakes, one with peanut butter....he takes after his momma :) The other one I sneaked some butter on cause lets face it the kid doesn't get enough fat in his diet! Then the glorious bacon.....mmmmmmmmm I wish my mom had made this for me when I was a kid, but I was lucky to get a cold bowl of cereal :)

So we did our morning routine and the boys got all dressed and ready for school. When it was time to go out and wait for the bus however, Cole melted down. Yes this is that autism poking it's head into my perfect morning....but that is ok, because I was prepared. After some cuddling from me and hearing the school bus approach he was ready to go. He got on the bus like a big boy with the help of his brother. I then headed up to school with my parents to wait for their arrival. Routine is very big for autistic kids and they don't like to deviate or else I would have just taken them on their first day.

Cole got off the bus like a champ.....Adam however had both book bags and both lunch boxes and Cole's hand trying to direct him to his kindergarten line while the principal helped. Yes that is right, the Principal at our school is outside EVERY morning to great the kids and help the "special" ones and lets face they are ALL special to the right spot. I love that man! We waited with Cole while both his teachers made their way down the line introducing themselves.....we tried to get a picture but Cole wasn't all that cooperative....
He looks so sad....they then headed in and the Principal took his hand helping him and said mom, we will see you in the library for coffee....and that was that. My child was on his own so to speak and I was heart broken. I am familiar around the school since Adam is in 3rd grade.....and some of the mom's were very supportive as well as the teachers it was very comforting....

This is my 3rd grader....
So after all my stress about how Cole would do, he has had an awesome week! He is my big boy and I am so proud of him....Adam is doing great and loves his teacher who is in the picture above with him. I have high hopes for both of them this year and know that with the support of this amazing school they both can become great students!