Sunday, July 29, 2012

What is Herpetic gingivostomatitis??????

Well, I had never heard of this crazy virus before, well actually I had as Herpes Simplex.....but this experience was all new and I could have completely avoided it!!!!!

My wonderful 8 year old decided to share this with me, a week ago last Wednesday he woke up not feeling well. Headache, body aches and just tired. He laid in bed all day. He had no fever and no other complaints...he wasn't that interested in eating or drinking though. By Wednesday evening his throat was hurting, I came home from Zumba to a very sick little boy :(

Thursday morning I took him up to a prompt care for a throat swab, I was certain that he had strep throat, his gums had become splotches as well and he now had a fever. The rapid strep test was negative and so they sent it off to the lab but gave us an antibiotic anyway.....Friday morning came and his tongue was swollen and he had developed sores all over his mouth, he was in tears. I called the pediatrician in a panic they made us an appointment for that afternoon and hoped that his strep results would be back by then.

He was diagnosed with this Herpetic gingivostomatiitis which is a virus, but they did give him an antiviral medicine and some magic mouth was that helped take the pain we were leaving my throat started to hurt, I was like you have got to be kidding me, this is not happening. By the time I got home and took the boys to their dad's for the weekend (and yes there was drama there about not wanting the sick kids around the baby.....again you gotta be kidding me) I had a fever and body off to the prompt care I went.

My rapid strep test was negative as well so the doctor treated me for the same virus that my son had, on Sunday morning I get a call as I am feeling like crap from my ex husband that he thinks my other son is coming down with it as well. I started to give him the number for the after hours clinic because they would be able to call him in a prescription, and he informs me that he can't take him anywhere if they want to see him, you have got to be friggin kidding me....

So off to their dad's house I go to pick up the boys, I call after hours and start getting asked all the questions that I don't have the answer too...yes their father should have been doing all dad and I end up taking my 5 year old to the ER because they are worried about dehydration he wasn't drinking anything!

As I am in the ER the lab calls about my strep test and I do have it as well, my weekend just keeps getting better and better!!!!! So we get home and get the boys situated and I end up crashing out, I felt like garbage.

Monday was spent fighting with the Dr.'s office to get a prescription called in for my strep, I am allergic to penicillin which is a pain in the finally they get ethuromycin three times a day for 10 days. By Wednesday I was puking constantly and had horrible stomach pain....I ended up in the ER at 4 am. Thursday, this is a side effect of the antibiotic, while my children were feeling better, I felt like a mach truck had hit me!!!!!

The zofran and pain meds did help get me over the side effects, I was started on a new antibiotic and have ended up with a yest infection which is now better, I think that we have bleached, Lysol, and disinfected the entire house.

This virus never needs to visit our house again! I am glad that I feel better finally!!!!! Hope everyone else had a great week. I did lose 6 pounds during this period of time. It's back to Zumba tomorrow and it will hurt and maybe kill me, I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thursday's at the pool

So we have this pretty nice pool near our house, it's not that expensive, it's clean, and not completely over crowded. My mom doesn't work on Thursdays so we have a standing date to take the boys swimming. They both LOVE it. Adam use to be afraid of the water, but he is much more comfortable now and is taking swim lessons. Cole has never been afraid of the water, which would scare the heck out of me because he was such a dare devil and jump in. He too is doing awesome kicking and going underwater, hopefully he will be swimming soon as well. He takes private swim lessons because he would be lost in a swim class.

So, here we were on a beautiful day sitting in the kiddie pool. The boys were having a blast. Adam's friend from school showed up so he left and went to the big pool with him. I left Cole with my mom and headed over to say hello to Adam's friends mom. While I was gone, apparently Cole was going around hugging random little girls. I know that this behavior is in appropriate, however for an autistic child to show affection is odd. Except with Cole, he is very loving and likes to be touched. My mom got up and got him and explained that we don't go around hugging people......there were three mom's sitting there talking about it. saying "What's wrong with him?" "Why is he doing that?" Now here is the difference between mom and me, she didn't say anything. I however would have taken it as an opportunity to educate some gossipy moms! Granted, I use to be that mom. I was very judgemental of other people's kids. We have all seen them, throwing fits in the store, running around out of control. I however, have become much more tolerant since Cole came into my life. I don't automatically think what horrible parents, or what is wrong with that child.

While randomly hugging stranger is an odd behavior, I would much rather him be doing this then hitting, biting, pushing, or pinching others. There was another little boy who pushed Cole out of the way, so he could play with something Cole was using, while Cole was telling him No. My mom intervened and reprimanded the child. There was another child who walked right into me and Cole holding hands trying to break through, I said "excuse you, you may go around". I realize that we can't have eyes on our children ALL the time, however, I don't take my kids to the pool and just leave them to their own demise. I don't go lay in a chair and read a book, or sit on the side of the pool chatting with my friends, completely oblivious to what my children are doing. I don't leave it up to the life guards to discipline them.

I love how relaxed Cole is in the pool and the interaction that Adam can have with him there. It's an amazing opportunity for them to play together, something Cole doesn't do very well. I am glad that Adam wasn't around when either of these instances took place. He is VERY protective of his little brother and he would have said something to both the child and the moms and not been very nice about it. I can't say that I blame him1

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ok, so I took a stab at this a while back and had a falling out with my mother. Well not a falling out, just a fight, and as anyone with a mother or daughter knows, those can be bad. So, anyway we are moving on up and forward. So here I am back in the blogging world. I decided however that this isn't just a weight loss blog because lets face it, there is a ton more to me then just my weight. I figure I should give you a little back ground, I hope you don't get too bored.......

I am 31, divorced (thank the Lord!) and a mother to two of the most amazing boys God has ever created. Yes, that is MY opinion and I am allowed to have it! Even when they drive me to pull my hair out! We are currently living with my parents, where would I be without them???? I mean come one, how many parents get a call from their daughter out of the blue saying she is getting a divorce and needs you to come get her and her two kids......well mine didn't bat an eye so here we are. It's three years later, they helped me graduate from college and helped me raise my kids. They have afforded me the ability to not work while I was going to school full time. I graduated last August, but just walked in June. I graduated Magna Cum Laude, which I must admit was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!

I do not yet have a job and for good reason, at least I think so and my parents agree so it must be good! My youngest son is autistic. He was diagnosed just before he turned three. My world was a mess when that diagnosis came...he was completely non-verbal until he was about 3 1/2, he was in pre-school and getting speech from there, but me being the amazing mom I am thought he needed more. I hired a private speech therapist and she got him talking. Granted he will not come up and start a conversation with you, yes he does talk in a whisper most of the time, but he does speak! He is very smart and loving, just an amazing kid. He starts kindergarten in August and I am terrified, hoping that he transitions well. I will then start the hunt for my amazing job!!!!!

My oldest is also remarkable, not trying to leave him out. He wants to be a paleontologist and knows almost everything there is to know about dinosaurs. He is growing up so fast, he will start third grade this fall. He gets straight A's and is my easy kid. Lets face it, we all need one of those!

I am an emotional eater and I had allowed myself to balloon up to 329 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!! That was last August, I started to do Zumba, swimming, and recently added Body Pump.....I am down to....drum roll please....274 pounds and I feel amazing. My oldest loves being able to wrap his arms around me touch his fingers, I admit that is pretty cool too. I love that my lifestyle change has rubbed off on him. He makes better choices now too. Wonderful things lie ahead for all three of us.....