Friday, July 13, 2012

Thursday's at the pool

So we have this pretty nice pool near our house, it's not that expensive, it's clean, and not completely over crowded. My mom doesn't work on Thursdays so we have a standing date to take the boys swimming. They both LOVE it. Adam use to be afraid of the water, but he is much more comfortable now and is taking swim lessons. Cole has never been afraid of the water, which would scare the heck out of me because he was such a dare devil and jump in. He too is doing awesome kicking and going underwater, hopefully he will be swimming soon as well. He takes private swim lessons because he would be lost in a swim class.

So, here we were on a beautiful day sitting in the kiddie pool. The boys were having a blast. Adam's friend from school showed up so he left and went to the big pool with him. I left Cole with my mom and headed over to say hello to Adam's friends mom. While I was gone, apparently Cole was going around hugging random little girls. I know that this behavior is in appropriate, however for an autistic child to show affection is odd. Except with Cole, he is very loving and likes to be touched. My mom got up and got him and explained that we don't go around hugging people......there were three mom's sitting there talking about it. saying "What's wrong with him?" "Why is he doing that?" Now here is the difference between mom and me, she didn't say anything. I however would have taken it as an opportunity to educate some gossipy moms! Granted, I use to be that mom. I was very judgemental of other people's kids. We have all seen them, throwing fits in the store, running around out of control. I however, have become much more tolerant since Cole came into my life. I don't automatically think what horrible parents, or what is wrong with that child.

While randomly hugging stranger is an odd behavior, I would much rather him be doing this then hitting, biting, pushing, or pinching others. There was another little boy who pushed Cole out of the way, so he could play with something Cole was using, while Cole was telling him No. My mom intervened and reprimanded the child. There was another child who walked right into me and Cole holding hands trying to break through, I said "excuse you, you may go around". I realize that we can't have eyes on our children ALL the time, however, I don't take my kids to the pool and just leave them to their own demise. I don't go lay in a chair and read a book, or sit on the side of the pool chatting with my friends, completely oblivious to what my children are doing. I don't leave it up to the life guards to discipline them.

I love how relaxed Cole is in the pool and the interaction that Adam can have with him there. It's an amazing opportunity for them to play together, something Cole doesn't do very well. I am glad that Adam wasn't around when either of these instances took place. He is VERY protective of his little brother and he would have said something to both the child and the moms and not been very nice about it. I can't say that I blame him1

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