Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ok, so I took a stab at this a while back and had a falling out with my mother. Well not a falling out, just a fight, and as anyone with a mother or daughter knows, those can be bad. So, anyway we are moving on up and forward. So here I am back in the blogging world. I decided however that this isn't just a weight loss blog because lets face it, there is a ton more to me then just my weight. I figure I should give you a little back ground, I hope you don't get too bored.......

I am 31, divorced (thank the Lord!) and a mother to two of the most amazing boys God has ever created. Yes, that is MY opinion and I am allowed to have it! Even when they drive me to pull my hair out! We are currently living with my parents, where would I be without them???? I mean come one, how many parents get a call from their daughter out of the blue saying she is getting a divorce and needs you to come get her and her two kids......well mine didn't bat an eye so here we are. It's three years later, they helped me graduate from college and helped me raise my kids. They have afforded me the ability to not work while I was going to school full time. I graduated last August, but just walked in June. I graduated Magna Cum Laude, which I must admit was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!

I do not yet have a job and for good reason, at least I think so and my parents agree so it must be good! My youngest son is autistic. He was diagnosed just before he turned three. My world was a mess when that diagnosis came...he was completely non-verbal until he was about 3 1/2, he was in pre-school and getting speech from there, but me being the amazing mom I am thought he needed more. I hired a private speech therapist and she got him talking. Granted he will not come up and start a conversation with you, yes he does talk in a whisper most of the time, but he does speak! He is very smart and loving, just an amazing kid. He starts kindergarten in August and I am terrified, hoping that he transitions well. I will then start the hunt for my amazing job!!!!!

My oldest is also remarkable, not trying to leave him out. He wants to be a paleontologist and knows almost everything there is to know about dinosaurs. He is growing up so fast, he will start third grade this fall. He gets straight A's and is my easy kid. Lets face it, we all need one of those!

I am an emotional eater and I had allowed myself to balloon up to 329 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!! That was last August, I started to do Zumba, swimming, and recently added Body Pump.....I am down to....drum roll please....274 pounds and I feel amazing. My oldest loves being able to wrap his arms around me touch his fingers, I admit that is pretty cool too. I love that my lifestyle change has rubbed off on him. He makes better choices now too. Wonderful things lie ahead for all three of us.....

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