Monday, October 15, 2012

An Autism Birthday

Well Cole is now officially six....and as if I didn't have enough going on last week we had to throw in his birthday which is much harder to plan then Adam's. Large groups can make Cole uncomfortable so I always try and do something intimate with close friends and family. Usually this takes place at our home because Cole is most comfortable here. But lets face it I HATE kid's birthday's. Making food, planning, cleaning up, the noise....ALL OF IT! No one told me when I had kids that I had to do birthday parties too!

So this year we thought outside of the box....we made reservations at the Fish Bowl at Bass was a hit! He loved it, I made him eat dinner first and then he threw a fit once the bowling was over. I am a horrible mother, I got no pictures of him bowling, or opening gifts, or interacting with other kids.

His dad and step mom came with his sister which was nice and they actually paid half of the cost. We had an awesome Autism birthday...

I love these pic's. He was so involved with the cake and candles....even if he doesn't eat the cake :)


  1. great pics..sounds like a fun birthday...I hate it much work having it outside the house at least eliminated that cleaning before and after the party!

  2. So happy to hear he had a great party!

  3. Love the pictures.(I really like black and white ones)

    I love the idea of having it at the Bass Pro Shop. Good call!