Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's Shakin??

So I plan and organize the Ice Cream Social for my kids school. Which typically is a blast...but let me tell you what a pain it has been this year!!!! We have a pumpkin auction where we ask the middle and high school students to paint some pumpkins that we can auction. They are usually a big hit....I email those art teachers at the beginning of the school year so that we have plenty of time to organize seeing as October kind of creeps up a little fast.....or as my awesome friend Amy calls it "Rocktober".

Naturally these teachers decided to wait and reply to my many emails and messages on Thursday...did I check my email while in Chicago....of course not....that is crazy! Why on earth would I check my email when I took the trouble to pack my lap top! So I didn't get the email until last night....I ran this morning after the PTC treasure ran a check to my house and I bought 21 pumpkins....I got them delivered and did all my other errands.

I then cam home and cleaned up the house. I guess my birthday and vacation are OVER! Reality has crept back into my life and so has exercises and diet. I am eating better and start running today. My Aunt got me to sign up for another 5k on October 27th. I need to get back into the swing of again as well! I am looking forward to Friday when I head to my fave local bar and have a few drinks with friends. I am excited about the size LARGE...yes you hear correctly.....this fatty squeezed into a size LARGE dress....just you's pretty darn cute! I will post pictures!


  1. Wooohooo on the large! And what do you mean being around ice cream for an entire night isn't fun? ;) lol I would go crazy!

  2. Nice on the large...don't know how I missed your blog..but I am following you now.