Thursday, September 20, 2012

I still feel FAT!

So this fat girl is down 63 pounds which is awesome right...yet there are times when I still feel fat. I was so excited to go to Chicago last weekend and do my 5K...My best friend Neal walks faster then I can run! He always has, in high school that wasn't a big deal cause I could easily keep up....well Not...any...more!

He kept turning around asking if I was coming....I was not complaining mind you. He can go as fast as he wants! I will just meet him wherever we are going LOL. It just made me feel fat!

Feeling fat moment number two...looking at the pictures. I realize that they are a lot different then this time last year...yet I still see "fat girl"! I wish that she would just leave already.

My Aunt and Uncle were full of compliments on how great I looked and how proud and fierce I am. It's not that I don't believe them, or that I am not thankful for the uplifting comments.....I just don't always feel that way.

Fat moment number three...oh wait this is a skinny moment....I ran to catch the bus and the train and kept up with this was just a dash. However, when we were up for my birthday last year....which yes was at the same time all the wonderful ladies were up....I couldn't run to save my life!

So today I dragged the "fat girl" back to the gym and we did Body Pump together! I ran into my high school counselor whom I LOVE! She is awesome and hopefully convinced her to join Zumba....tomorrow morning I shall start my three mile run/walk training for my next 5k Dec. 1. I am pretty stoked about it. The count down is nearing ladies....I cannot wait to meet you all! I workout so I can if anyone wants to join in some Chicago running or something let me know! 

I promise to try and leave "fat girl" at home and not bring her to Chicago with me. But no guarantee's the damn bitch seems to sneak up on me at times!


  1. Sometimes it can be so easy to talk down about ourselves. Let's focus on the positives and not allow that "old talking girl" to surface.

    See you in one week!


  2. You are doing fabulous. It's hard to see yourself takes time and effort but you'll get there.

  3. think more of the skinny girl the fact that you think you convinced your councilor to join zumba? Really, would you have done that last year!!! Positives baby! See you in chi town in less than a week!