Monday, February 18, 2013

Dating Ruins it ALL!!!!!

Ok, So I have been divorced for three years and I was separated for almost two years before the divorce was finalized. I dated some, but for the past three years I haven't dated at all. So that being said, I never knew how much time dating actually takes, my workouts and eating habits have suffered!!!!! Well that changed today....

Today Max (the dog) and I went on a four mile walk and I could have gone farther but he didn't seem up to the we headed home. In fact he is now curled up here next to me on my bed as I write this. I am then headed to Zumba tonight and I am going to be sore tomorrow, I will not complain.....this is my fault and I must get back on track.

So the new man in my life is pretty much amazing and too good to be true! I was very hesitant, we had been talking since November and he asked me out in January, we share a lot in common and it's a little scary. Our first date consisted of dinner, which lasted two hours and I chocked twice on my rice!!!!! He kept making me laugh, is there anything sexier then a guy who makes you laugh?? I don't think so. He took me out on a weekend where I have the boys, I have never introduced them to anyone I was "dating". I had two serious relationships after their dad that went horribly wrong and they haven't met anyone else since then. But, Adam is 9 now and very perceptive and knows everything already. I thought it best to let him know that I was going out on a date, I let him ask all his questions and answered the best that I could. He asked if he could meet Dustin when he picked me up and I thought sure.....where is the harm?? So he was only here 5 mins while picking me up, he brought me a red rose...........I have never had that happen on a first date. 15 minutes after we left my mom calls to tell me that Adam is freaked out that he just met his new step dad!!!!! What a kid LOL!

So for three days that is all I heard about, me and Dustin getting married. It was kind of cute and endearing, and thankfully Dustin wasn't freaked out about this. He has been an awesome sport and the boys love him!!!!So far it's a pretty smooth ride. Other then not working out, which isn't Dustin's fault because he is trying to get healthier too as well. So, I am now recommitted and hitting the exercise hard!

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  1. yea!!! so happy for you! Its so easy to lose yourself in a relationship...its nice to see you bring yourself and your needs to the forefront!